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Did I hear right? Old School strikes back in the shape of the classic boombox but this time, made out of cardboard!

If you have seen the picture above, now you are probably being flashed by thousands of images from the past, back in the good old times! In all of them you are dancing to some kick-ass music that comes from this huge yet awesome speakers without the need of any cable! Axel Pfaender, a Berlin-based illustrator and DJ, dreamt about getting back these special moments and decided it was time for a cool and fun mobile speaker … a soundsystem to show off, like back in the days.

Axel launched a Kickstarter project in order to support his idea and in September 2012 his dream came true: the first Berlin Boombox was born. These fresh speakers combine Axel’s two passions: music and design and bring together the classic boombox style with today’s technology. The speakers come in a DIY pack really easy to assemble (glue-free and tool-free). Any geek knowledge is needed and you can customize the box in order to have your own Berlin Boombox. Some artists have already done an amazing work with theirs! Check it on the images below and get some inspiration!

If you can’t wait to start rocking with your new customized boombox, you have the opportunity to buy it in this very moment in our online store… Just click and ROCK ON!

2_SecondaryImage_Berlin Boombox

16_Berlin Boombox 9_Berlin Boombox

15_Berlin Boombox

12_Berlin Boombox

14_Berlin Boombox

17_Berlin Boombox

19_Berlin Boombox

10_Berlin Boombox

4_Berlin Boombox

SuperBlast’s customization

7_Berlin Boombox

3_Berlin Boombox

5_Berlin Boombox

Stohead customization

6_Berlin Boombox

11_Berlin Boombox

18_Berlin Boombox

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    is a great idea for your team persoalizar musical!