Blogging not to make a living

We talk to Riikka Kantinkoski, the name behind Weekday Carnival. Her blog is one of the most important ones in Finland, and she doesn't even consider herself a blogger!

Some time ago we talked to some of the most prestigious European bloggers about how is it like to make a living of sharing a part of your life, opening your house or talking about your trips and for inspirational purposes or making your style a recognizable thing that make lots follow. But we wanted to take a walk on the other side of the spectrum, the one where blogging isn’t a full time job, the one where, even if you have thousands of followers, posting is still a hobby. This is the case of Riikka Kantinkoski, the name behind the blog Weekday Carnival. Of course, she devotes her time to many other things as this Finnish is also photographer, stylist and product designer whose photographs are used in magazines, that creates products for her brand RK Design… Riikka’s taste is in the straightforward. She depicts something beautifully design as: “everything simple, where you can see and feel the material. Timeless things.”

At Weekday Carnival she opens her house to all her followers, and posts parts of it, as well as bits of her daily life. But does a blogger need to consider itself stylish to dare and show things like this? “I think there are so many people out there and so many different tastes, so who really defines who is stylish and who is not?. I like my style , but someone else might think it is horrible. I don´t like romantic country style, but someone else could just love that. I just hope that if someone finds an idea from my blog he can make its own version so it fits his own style,” she says. The truth is, people really like Weekday Carnival as it is one of the Finnish blogs with more visitors. The secret seems to lay within the blog’s quintessence: “I think people follow me because the pictures I take are from a real home and our real life, so the ideas that end up there are really made to work.” Just reading this sentence you could already acknowledge the functional Scandinavian spirit that lays within her and, of course, her style. And it is precisely this clean, white-ruling and extremely functional style that has made Weekday Carnival a recurring place when it comes to get a hold of some ideas for your own house. “My followers say they love to read the blog because they usually get ideas for their own homes. The only negative feedback I have gotten here and there is about my writing skills…well I already know I’m not the best at that.”

The story of how Weekday Carnival started perfectly matches the blog’s soul: it’s quite simple and straightforward, but extremely useful and -as all great Scandinavian design- responds to the need of solving a problem. “The name of the blog really has no bigger meaning… It was just hard to make up my mind about the name for my blog. It actually is straight conversation from Finnish. I am not even sure how does the name work in English! I first started blogging with different blog, but when I started to get foreign people reading and following, I decided to start from scratch. I am quite a ‘house mouse’, I love decorating my home and because I enjoy being there I also want my home look nice. I just realized that my photographs could become a source of inspiration for others when I started to get a lot of positive feedback, and also when I started to find my pictures on Pinterest and other blogs.”

Although Riikka does many things and tries to keep Weekday Carnival away from consuming her whole time. “I usually make a few post when I have some time and then I just use automatic timer to publish those texts on different days,” she says, but it really seems that it takes much more time than it looks like as she had to take a bit of time away from som things to be able to keep up with everything. In fact, she has just recently reopened her store, where she sells some of her designs like posters,postcards, stickers and other things. “I had to took some time off to give it to my family and to myself. I was just too tired. I have also been doing a DIY book with my dear friend Susanna Vento, which will be published on autumn 2013.”

So, as she struggles to keep her blogging activity to something not as time consuming as other, could you consider Riikka Kantinkoski a blogger? “That is something you are when you make your living out of it. I am a wife, friend… I am not a blogger, I am so much more.” That’s Scandinavian precision.